Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Engineered vs Hardwood Timber

Solid or Engineered Timber flooring, what is better?
This would be one of our most frequently asked questions. And we are big fans of engineered timber flooring. It’s why we have such a large premium range to select from.
But what’s the difference between engineered and solid timber? And what are the advantages of engineered?
What is Engineered Timber?
Engineered timber flooring is made by fusing a thin layer of hardwood and bonding it to several layers of high-quality plywood with extreme heat. What you’re left with is a stronger, more durable flooring option that looks incredible and will last for generations to come.
Why do we love it?
It still has the classic character of solid timber flooring - in fact, it looks exactly the same because the top veneer is solid timber.
It’s actually more durable. Those extra layers of wood make it stronger.
More affordable than solid timber.
Easier and quicker to install.
It can be sanded and resanded (depending on plank thickness). This means any scuffs or scratches can be fixed up.
A larger variety of sizes and colours.  More options to compliment your space.
Better for the environment. One plank of solid hardwood produces up to seven pieces of high-quality engineered timber? We have Engineered timber is sourced from sustainable forests, making it a lot better for the environment.
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